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Solar One

  • Capacity: 500 MW with expansion option to 850 MW
  • 20,000 - 34,000 solar dish Stirling systems
  • 20-Year Power Purchase Agreement
  • Sited in the Mojave Desert east of Barstow, CA

The Solar One project site is located in San Bernardino County in an undeveloped area of the Mojave Desert.

This location is ideally suited given the yearly high availability of solar energy, level topography, minimum impact on visual and environmental resources and the availability of transmission capacity.

President Bush inspecting Solar PanelPhase 1 of this project is to develop 500 MW of electricity generating capacity, which will then be followed by Phase 2, which will involve an expansion up to 850 MW of generating capacity.

Power output from this facility will be sold in accordance with a 20-year power purchase agreement to Southern California Edison Company (, a subsidiary of Edison International.